Some doctors separate the professional from the personal. As the Executive Director of the El Camino Hospital Cancer Center, I am not one of those doctors. As an oncologist and advanced general surgeon, I believe that the best way to minimize recovery time and increase the effectiveness of treatment is to work hand-in-hand with each patient throughout the medical process.

With over twenty years of experience as an advanced general surgeon and surgical oncologist I have developed a unique process for diagnosing and treating cancer while bearing witness to the will and power which is needed in order to tolerate and overcome chemotherapy through the lives of my patients. It’s my personal belief that being a great surgeon is just as important has being a great listener and my multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment involves not only chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery but working closely with each patient to focus on the treatment of their bodies during and after the chemotherapy process.

I’ve also learned that during the treatment process it’s not just the big things that matter but the small things, such as skin care, that also have the biggest impacts on a patient’s life. Because of this, I put an emphasis on self-care during the treatment process to improve each patients well being in order to help them recover faster.

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